Alice in Wonderland HD FULL v1.001 Apk

Alice in Wonderland, the Hidden Object game.
The EXTENDED EDITION has finally arrived!

Inspired by the Lewis Carroll novel « Alice in Wonderland ». Alice is bored, sitting next to her sister who reads a book with no images... 

While she observes, dreamy, what surrounds her, she sees a rabbit in fitted coat which runs by looking at its watch! Intrigued, she follows this rabbit in its den and is thrown in a wonderful, bizarre world, without logic, inhabited with fantastic characters. Help her going through this strange world and returning to her home!
  • New puzzles 
  • New scenes 
  • New objects 
  • New mini-games 
  • New characters 
  • An improved interface, brought to life with the collection of key objects 
  • An improved gaming experience 
  • A longer life span
Visit unusual places pursuing Mr Rabbit, shorten or grow to discover mysterious paths, speak with strange characters to find your way, and enjoy your time in this dream!

Use the Hint: a shiny halo helps you to find one of the objects. 
No more hints? Not enough time? Find the bonus stars hidden in the scenes to get more hints or time!

Explore a dreamlike world, meet fabulous characters, observe the details of fantastic places!

  • Lot of places to examine 
  • Mini-games: puzzle, memory, sliding block games 
  • Search of objects (list, to collect) 
  • Help: zoom on selected screens, limited number of reloading hints, bonus stars
  • Magnificent sets: high resolution images

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