Orion's Forge v1.1 Apk

Michella Trexia Sunday, April 14, 2013
Orion's Forge is a brain-teasing puzzle narrative where players help the celestial smith Orion create new stars. New stars are formed by guiding energy to each level’s star launcher! Players manipulate the path of energy by moving magnetic towers around the forge. The towers come in two polarities: push and pull. You must carefully adjust the magnetic field to avoid collisions with obstacles like black holes.

Later levels introduce new mechanics like portals and converter beams which toggle the polarity of towers that touch the beam. Each completed challenge adds a new star to an unfolding constellation and reveals the next portion of a whimsically illustrated alien fable.
  • Help Starsmith Orion create constellations by launching stars!
  • Over 30 beautiful, hand-illustrated panels of fantastical and funny alien parables!
  • Combines physics and alien technology to challenge and perplex!
  • Enjoy an upbeat and adaptive musical score that responds to your progress!
  • Looks and plays great on your phone and tablet!

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