Root Toolbox PRO v2.2.8 Apk

Michella Trexia Wednesday, April 10, 2013
All suggestions on features I can add or change to improve this app are always welcome. Please fill free to E-mail me and ill get back to you as soon as possable.

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DISCLAIMER: This app is made available for use at your own risk with no warranty of any kind.

Current Features:
  • Reboot/Recovery/Bootloader/HotBoot/Download-Mode
  • SetAPN/Backup/Restore 
  • Wipe Delvik 
  • Wipe Battery Stats 
  • Remount System 
  • Backup/Restore/Flash/Erase Recovery 
  • Backup/Restore/Flash/Erase Boot 
  • Fix permissions 
  • Launch Hidden Menu 
  • Fix Market Links 
  • Sim Settings 
  • Themes chooser options
  • Restart Status Bar 
  • Dual Mount Sdcard
  • System App Remover/Backup/Restore
  • Enable/Disable Boot Animation
  • Change boot animation
  • Read Logcat
  • Display Device Information 
  • Download To Change Sdcard Read Speed
  • Wipe All Webview Cache
  • MD5 Sum Fixer
  • Debug Message
  • Install Cyanogenmod's DSP Manager
  • Install Jellybean(4.2) Camera
  • Install Jellybean(4.2) Keyboard
  • Install app from sdcard (to data and system)

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