Turmoil Deluxe HD v1 Apk

Michella Trexia Thursday, April 18, 2013
Turmoil Deluxe HD v1 Apk - Fly through the levels and challenge mode and destroy waves of attacking enemyships! Prepare for battle!
Again an old atari 2600 classic comes back to life. OMG;) 
For some of us it was the first game we got addicted to. Others will get addicted now. 
What was lost comes back to life. Will give us a challenge and bring us joy.

  • 30 Levels 
  • Challenge mode
  • Leveleditor with Codes
  • Beautiful Art
  • Special Powerups and more
Operating methods
  1. You control the Ship with dragging the crosshair up and down.
  2. If you like Retro Games: . You will love this game;)
  3. Please write me some feedback and suggestion are always welcomed.
  4. Every sale and support goes into the current games
  5. and new games.
arcade, space invaders, space shooter, asteroids, galaga, galaxian, tyrian, xenon, robotron, shmup, retro, classic, shooter game, shoot'em up, raiders, blaster, aliens

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