KungFuGo Lite v1.0.5 Apk

Michella Trexia Thursday, May 2, 2013
KungFuGo is everything about kungfu! Simple and fun! Simply direct your “Wu BaJing” with your left thumb, and fight with your enemies with your right one. Get your skill up at every levels. You can also cure a bit from killing your enemies! 

The story is based on the well known Chinese story – Xi You Ji (Journey to the West). “Wu BaJing” is an orphan found by "WuKong(Monkey King)", "Zhu BaJie", and "Sha WuJing" on their way to collect the Buddhist sutras. They discovered that “Wu BaJing” is a great material to learn martial arts, so they three all became his master, whom he would call “Shi Fu”. 

He is so talented that he has learned all of his three masters’ KungFu.When they start to advocate the Buddha’s scripture, there is something evil under the scripture that starts to pop up too….Can you handle that?

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