Monster Zombie2 Premium v1.0 MOD Apk

Michella Trexia Saturday, May 11, 2013
Zombie survival action game to relieve your stress!

Survive face-to-face confrontation with zombies.
The player will have better control with more flexible motion using high-quality animation techniques.
Become the best undead hunter!

Five different stages:
  • Forest, Downtown, Uptown, Cemetery, Military Base
  • Each stage has 25 different and challenging levels
Different zombies and weapons
  • 47 types of zombies
  • 34 types of weapons, 3 types of armors, 2 types of trinkets
Upgrade 8 different Stats 
  • Health 
  • Weapon
  • Attack 
  • Defense
  • Move Speed 
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical
  • Item 
Endless Mode
  • Enjoy killing zombies without interruption
  • Costume
  • Change your weapons, armors or trinkets during playing game
Level Up
  • Increase your ability using armors, trinkets etc.
  1. Kill the zombies around and take them out one by one before they even begin to bare their teeth at you.
  2. Upgrade your weapons, armors and trinkets to kill more zombies.
  3. Use different attacks according to the types of zombies.

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