Uninstall Master (Unlocked) v3.3.0 Apk

Michella Trexia Monday, May 13, 2013
  • Feel trouble to uninstall app need to press many times come into setting?
  • Feel trouble phone has more third-party pre-installed apps?
  • Feel trouble uninstalled app and there is no backup?
Now, [Uninstall Master] will solve all your troubles!

The Lookout antivirus and some other anti-virus software judgments This software is spyware, this is not right, the software just to use third-party statistics and analysis platform, this did not collect any user privacy, please rest assured that use

  • The new UI interface, more clearly and experience better!
  • Batch Uninstall System apps, built-in apps! Malicious, pre-installed, smoking costs all go away!
  • (Note: Root privilege required for this feature)
  • Silent uninstall and restoring, the prompt window no longer appears! (Requires root privileges);
  • Recycle bin is easy for backuping and restoring apps without any pressure! 
  • Freeze and unfreeze apps(Unlocker and root privilege required)
  • Sort apps and easy to find some one.
  • Feedback and answer!
  • Bluetooth share: you can share apps to your friends! 

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