XP Arena Gold (Action RPG) v1.19 Apk

Michella Trexia Sunday, May 12, 2013
Caution: Powerful device needed.
Play various characters in this Action-RPG:
  • Warrior: tough heavy armored soldier.
  • Sorcerer: powerful wizard, master of destruction.
  • Assassin: stealth and lethal killer, feared even by the kings.
  • Archer: elite archer, helped by her faithful wolf.
  • Barbarian: brutal and bloody warrior, no one hits harder.
  • Necromancer: evil witch, who raises and controls the dead.
You are the bad guy! Reunite the three magic crowns, and then challenge the Lord of Darkness, in order to become the Master of the World!

During your adventures, you will have to defeat legendary enemies in various environments, gain XP, treasures, and find epic artifacts.

In this role playing game, you can play various missions in Medium, Hard, and Nightmare mode: Exploration, Defense, Survival. Nightmare mode is very challenging.

This medieval RPG will remind you Diablo, Baldur's Gate or Dungeon Siege, mix between tactical Hack/Slash and Action-RPG. XP Arena Arcade is totally free.

Let's try the most addictive Action RPG on Android!
Compared to free version, there is no advertising in the game.

For the fans of old-style Hack n Slash (H&S), tactical games, role playing games (RPG), RTS, vintage games, 2D, adventure games, free action games and free Android games.

Game is well suited for big screens, especially tablets. It works on many mobile phones, but not all of them. We are working on it. Please be patient and give us feedback!

Tags : Hack&Slash, Tactics, game, action, RPG, role playing game, free, Diablo-like, Tablet, RTS, hard-core, dungeon, gem, diamond, sword, axe, magic, shield, bow, orc, legend.

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