Locus Map Pro v2.12.2 Apk

Michella Trexia Sunday, June 16, 2013
GPS outdoor navigation app for hiking, geocaching, sport activities and your everyday life. Download many types of cycling and hiking maps for off-line usage. Powerful system for geocaching, intelligent GPS for long battery life and many more

➤ Online maps
  • Openstreetmap - OSM, Freemap, SHOCart, SmartMaps, MapQuest, Navigasi, Turaterkep, NzTopoMaps,, ChartBundle and more
  • most of them are downloadable for offline usage without cell coverage
  • full WMS maps support
➤ Offline maps
  • Vector maps (for a low fee) for city, car, hiking, cycle, ski - downloadable by in-app billing
  • support for formats SQLite, TAR maps, MBT maps, GEMF, RMAP, Orux, SmartMaps
  • create own maps from OpenStreetMap data or custom themes
➤ Search
  • by address, coordinates, own points, localized photos
  • for places around by Google Places, Wikipedia
➤ Point of interest (POI) & Tracks
  • handle unlimited number of points/tracks, categorize, sort, edit, import, export and much more
➤ Geocaching
  • use Geocaching Live! service and add-ons to get full offline experience when you searching for caches
  • support for waypoints, PocketQuery, trackables, spoilers
➤ Track record
  • unlimited possibilities for configuration
  • custom styles for map, like color by altitude, by speed
  • support for ANT+ sensor
➤ Voice navigation & guiding
  • full support for Online voice navigation
  • voice & notification guiding on single waypoint (by compass or on the map) and along path
➤ Import/Export
  • integration of GPSies, Breadcrumbs, Trainingstagebuch, Street View, Google Earth and others
  • work with KML, KMZ, GPX, OpenAir, DXF formats
  • special methods to handle GPS. Satellite screen with current situation, notification on GPS state, Bluetooth GPS, advanced system for disabling GPS when is needed to conserve battery
  • and much more like
➤ Weather service - detailed forecast for 7 days / 3 hours on every place on Earth
➤ Highly customizable
➤ Integration of Google My Maps (reading and editing)
➤ Parking
➤ POI alert
➤ Dashboard - fully customizable
➤ Ability to use apps like c:geo, Sygic, GPS status and others directly from Locus
➤ API for developers
➤ Existing 3rd party add-ons
  • for geocaching: Geocaching4Locus, GeoGet database, GSAK database
  • others: Augmented reality, Foursquare, etc.

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