Floating Widget v5 Apk

Michella Trexia Thursday, July 18, 2013
Widgets are no longer only for your homescreen!
Floating Widget lets you interact with any homescreen widget while you’re using any app on your device.

Ever wish you could:
  • Control your local or streaming music without leaving your current app?
  • Have a sports scoreboard up while using your e-book reader?
  • View a data usage widget in real time while using the app you’re testing?
  • Have a clock on the screen while playing a full screen game?
  • View CPU usage while you’re interacting with an app?
  • Have the a traffic indicator widget always up while commuting?
With Floating Widget, you can do all of these and more! Check the screenshots and embedded video for setup and examples.

Features include:
  • Choose from any widget you have installed designed for Android’s home screen
  • Position the widget anywhere on your screen
  • Resize the widget to as big or small as you’d like
  • Save up to 5 different floating widget profiles
  • Have multiple widgets floating at once
  • Create custom shortcuts to quickly launch any of the 5 profiles
  • Tasker/Locale plugin support
  • Control widget transparency
  • Start last used profile(s) on boot
  • Holo themed [Honeycomb+]
  • Notification quick actions [Jelly Bean+]
This app is under active development and widgets were not designed for this, so instead of leaving a negative review because of bugs and glitches, please email me at android@stephenmilone.com with any issues, concerns or questions. I am willing to give refunds past the initial 15 minute window the Play Store offers, so please give Floating Widget a try.

** Attention developers: If I’ve used your widget/application in the description/tutorial and you don’t want the free publicity, please contact me and I’ll remove it immediately. Floating Widget only exists because of your awesome widgets **

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