ezPDF CLEAR Interactive Player v2. Apk

Michella Trexia Friday, April 12, 2013
ezPDF CLEAR Interactive Player is an acronym for “Connected Learning Easy As Read, Respond, and Repeat.” It provides a pleasant reading experience with PDF documents.

ezPDF CLEAR Interactive Player is the Interactive PDF Player! Do you cover the answer with your hand to memorize or use flash cards?

Here is a new way for memorization that fits for smart devices… just tap, tap, and tap.
Combining with touch and/or pen technology, reading is no longer limited as a book replacement. It creates a new way of productivity tools for users to act under work or study environments on their devices – marking, writing, typing, drawing, and adding images.

Simple three (3) Steps :
  1. Use your favorite programs (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) to create study materials, then save as PDF.
    Or simply take a picture or scan study materials, then save as PDF.
  2. Use our PC authoring program (demo version provided) to convert those plain PDF files into Interactive PDF.
  3. Play with ezPDF CLEAR. That’s all~
However, ezPDF CLEAR now adds additional new experience – Interactivity!
The World’s first introduction of PDF-based educational tool and test and quiz taking mobile application.
Mimicking Books and notes are now face of the past. Learning should be more fun and responsive to attract the users’ attention. Our new approach brings a passive PDF becomes live in action. Our authoring tool programs (currently available for PC only) can easily make the plain PDF file to video embedded books, audio embedded books, flash cards, OX, True/False, multiple choices, and short answer quizes and tests.

ezPDF CLEAR Apk magically turns these contents to live interactively on mobile devices. Hope our app helps you to CLEAR your learning and training obstacles.

  • Supports Samsung S Pen Technology
  • Read PDF and ePub files
  • Listen and watch embedded audio and video in PDF
  • Highlight, underline on PDF text
  • Write, draw, type, and add images on PDF
  • Fill-out PDF form
  • Take a quiz and test in PDF, and check answers within the same PDF for self-learning practice
  • Supported Languages : English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

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